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Signs of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

The human body is one piece of amazing art and as such care should be taken when dealing with it so that it does not suffer silently. The human body performs several functions such as digestion of food, it makes you walk well and the like. Due to this delicateness, it is important that you pay attention to some of the signs that your body displays to show that it is unhealthy. Most head aches that people ignore actually depict some more harm that is not very evident as of that moment, for example, a sudden sharp head pain could be a sign of ruptured aneurysm. Every pain in the body no matter how small it may look like means the body is being harmed.

Toothaches especially in young kids are common, and they should not be given a cold shoulder because if untreated, it may lead something more serious. Too many sugary foods is the main cause why most people have toothaches since sugar combined with bacteria it corrodes the enamel of the tooth, and these holes are left. Doctors have however developed a way to deal with these frequent toothaches for example by brushing your teeth regularly, when you do this, the environment for the bacteria to survive on becomes unfavorable, and hence your teeth will remain healthy. Another simple and common way to take care of your teeth is by changing your toothbrush after about 2-3 months after using it. Moderation is key to everything and as such even if it’s eating the sugary foods,do not take a lot that ends up harming your teeth. Cleaning your brush bristles is another effective way to maintaining proper healthy teeth and gums.

If you experience a terribly sharp pain on the right side of your stomach, that could be a sign that your appendix has problems or is infected. The inflammation of the appendix might have been caused by a block by stool or even cancer that might be developing there. Some of the signs that you are suffering from appendicitis is for example loss of appetite. The micro organisms causing appendicitis are responsible for the fever. Due to the disturbed stomach functions,an individual gets uncontrollable diarrhea, and this can be very embarrassing. The swelling in the appendix can be cut off during surgery.

Chest pains is another type of pain that when you experience it, you should be worried because the heart is the main organ that pumps blood and ensures survival for all other body parts. Breathing difficulties are associated with chest problems, and this can be something serious. Most people with a blurred vision are suspected to be experiencing this condition known as an aneurysm. As evidenced in the text above, the body is a very important tool.


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