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What is the Need of Investing in Property Rather than Stock Market

Tax discounts are some of the benefits of investing in property. This is because the taxes that are paid on the property investment are a bit lower compared to stock marketing. This is because by building a house the government sees it as a relief as it helps in absorbing the homeless individuals. Because of that the government have decided to give them a special tax rate. Not only that, but they are also rewarded by the government for having built house for people to stay in addition to being exempted from paying taxes. This is beneficial since they will earn a lot of money as a result of paying low tax.

People also prefer investing in property because of the ease to access loans from the bank. On most cases for the bank or any other money lending institution to give you loan they must get enough security that can equate the value of amount of money that you need. This is so possible since a building is something that can last even for more than one hundred years before it becomes outdated. This will make the bank to give a loan very easily since they know that if you fail to repay the loan they will just sell your property to get their money back. Compared to stock exchange where one can disappear without leaving any trace or in any case of his death the bank will have hard time recovering their money back. Running away from the banks if you don’t repay loan will not be a solution as they will just come for your house and sell it.

Good and faster return is also one of the factors that attract people to invest in property. It one of the types of investment that returns the money that you used in constructing the property quickly. With property investment you will be able to get a steady income at the end of every month without being influenced by inflation. Most of the stock market investors do face a lot of challenges due to inflation in the market making the prices to keep on changing.

People also prefer investing in property since it is always appreciating in value. You don’t need to do much to boost the value of your property just a simple painting will be enough to boost its value. By doing that you will be in a position to boost the price of your house. On the other hand, stock market will always go down due to inflation.

In addition, low maintenance cost is also another benefit. Nothing will go in vain as the major changes will be included in monthly charges.

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