Pathway Genomics Corporation Uses a Person’s DNA to Perfect Their Skin Care Regimen

Most people aren’t aware that genetics play a role in how their skin ages. For example, a person’s ethnicity factors into how well they age, but many people don’t realize this. The same is true of gender, as men tend to age slower than women.

Having this information can be of great help, however, as the individual can then develop a skin care regimen that meets their unique needs. What exactly does this mean and how can a person benefit from it?

Cohesion Of The Skin

One way in which a person’s ethnicity influences their skin care regimen is in the cohesion of their skin. Did you know that individuals of African-American descent have 22 layers of skin while Caucasians only have 17?

As a result, African-Americans may find topical products don’t penetrate their skin as easily and their skin may appear drier as a result. Furthermore, Asians and African-Americans lose more water from the skin than Caucasians do, thus their skin care regimen needs to contain products that will replace the water that is lost.

Men Vs. Women

Although women would say how unfair this is, men don’t age as rapidly as women. This is due to collagen production decreasing earlier in women. However, men may find they are victim to sun exposure which ages their skin prematurely.

Women discover they benefit more from the use of products containing collagen, while men find they need ones that contain sun protection. The aging process is the same for both sexes. It’s simply a matter of when it occurs and what steps the person takes to combat it.

Visit Pathway Genomics Corporation to learn more about having one’s DNA tested and a skin care regimen developed based on the information gathered. With a DNA test, a person can learn about the elasticity of their skin, the level of oxidation protection their skin provides and more.

Individuals choose between a test that measures 13 traits and one that measures 23, depending on how much information they wish to have to slow the aging process. This is only one of many tests a person may benefit from, as the more knowledge one has, the easier it is to make informed decisions about their life.


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