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Prayer : A Lifestyle that All Men and Women Should Have Our relationship with God is the most important thing in our lives. Men and women might state that they are currently joyful with themselves and are no need of God but the fact is, we all do. We have been created in His own image, yet without Him we are nothing but mere humans. One way of communicating with God is through prayer. Prayer might not that seem so interesting to some but it is one of the fundamental lifestyles that a Christian or a believer must always do. It can enhance our relationship with God. It is submitting ourselves in front of God’s throne and recognizing His sovereignty. It is not about changing the heart of God but it is all about allowing your heart to be aligned with His. Praying does not only have the ability to transform your heart but your whole self too. Basically, it will change you from inside to outside. It is not a one-way communication because it is not just you talking but God is also talking to you through revealing a lot of things and truths to you. During praying, permit your heart to be available for God surrender entirely to Him. Only in that way can you pray for the right things.
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Many individuals find praying a difficult endeavor. There will always be several obstacles that will take place when you make a decision to ultimately pray. Anxiety and disgrace may occur yet do not permit these undesirable thoughts and feelings to be an obstacle for you to pray.
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But you see, it is not that hard to get yourself and your heart to start praying. Do not allow yourself to be defeated by the enemy’s lies and fight back. Nowadays, it is made much simpler due to the fact there are existing effective resources that teach people the right way of praying. Books on prayer have been published in any part of the world and in any language. Be with men and women who will motivate you to always have that motivation in your soul to have a personal encounter with the Almighty. Christian churches usually have a prayer ministry. Be part of a ministry and you might be impressed to see yourself having better understanding about yourself and your Creator. Now go and pray to God. Select a quiet room and just talk to Him about all that has occurred in you. Tell Him about the best things and even the experiences that you are most reluctant to disclose to other people. He is pleased to call you His own and He will always be listening.


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