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Two Tips to Keep in Mind Before Hiring an ERP Consulting Partner

When you want to implement a new ERP system, you are likely not to entirely rely on your internal teams. You should look for an experienced external ERP consulting firm to help with the project. This is important for a number of reasons. To begin, your company may not have the in-house expertise required to make the ERP implementation successful. Apart from this, you may need additional manpower for the project to be completed on time and within the allocated budget.

There are many ERP consulting firms you can hire to implement a new ERP system. However, do not simply hire the first consulting company you come across without a second thought. It’s important to research and compare various consulting firms to determine the right one to choose. You want a partner that will advise you on the technical activities that will have to be done to ensure the successful implementation of the ERP solution.

You can easily find an ERP consulting firm for your company by searching on the internet. You can also find out from the ERP provider whether there are local, certified consulting firms that understand the solution and can successfully implement it for your organization. If you wish, you can also evaluate different resellers and independent consultants to see whether any of them will be a suitable partner.

The kind of consulting firm you choose is not as important as their capabilities. The consulting partner you bring on board will majorly determine whether or not your project will be a success. Below are two important factors you should consider before hiring an ERP consulting firm.

How Much Experience Does the Firm Have?
Among the most important factors to consider is the experience the consulting partner has in implementing ERP systems. Of course, you should find out what certifications the partner has. However, certifications are not the only thing to consider to know about a company’s experience. How small or large have been the projects that the company has worked on before? Ideally, you want a partner that has implemented the exact ERP system you want to use.

You should inquire about the past projects that any ERP consulting firm you wish to hire has undertaken. You can contact some clients that the company has worked for in the past to find out about their experience. When you contact the clients, find out the exact role that the consulting company had.

Tools and Methodology
Another important factor to consider is the methodology and tools that the ERP consultant uses. Successful ERP consulting partners have specific methodologies that they use and various tools to back their strategies. The project should be completed on time if the ERP consulting company follows its methodologies.

Find out what specific methodologies the partners you are evaluating use to implement ERP solutions.

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