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How to Buy the Right Cat Carrier?

There are lots of cat carriers that can be bought these days in the market from hard to soft carriers and anything that you can think of. But the most important aspect that you must be aware of to figure out the carrier style to be bought will depend on the cat breed.

If your cat is a little bit feisty, then you might want to go for a carrier that has several entry points. There are instances to which lifting your cat to their carrier is a lot easier from the top and coax him by using the standard door entrance. The same thing is applicable for cats that loves to scratch on various surfaces. Carriers made from hard plastic can be a durable option. Basically, you should consider the attitude and behavior of your cat when you depend on Velcro, snaps or zippers for securing them inside.

In addition to that, keep in mind that the cat carrier has to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is more important in the event that your cat happens to be vulnerable to sickness. There are lots of fabric carriers which come with hard removable base that comes out easily mainly for the purpose of cleaning it. The rest of fabric carriers can be washed in machines but, the base itself is likely to be hand washed. You can clean hard plastic carriers very easily, which is one of its selling point.

While you’re in the process of selecting carrier for your cat, it needs to have enough space for your pet to stand and turn around without crouching. If you will be travelling especially to some distant location, then see to it that the cat carrier you are going to buy can accommodate water and food bowls. Some of the plastic carriers have these things built-in on top of the carrier which comes in handy.

In case that you don’t have the cash to purchase the latest and most sophisticated carrier, just remember to give space for a travel sized bowl that you are going to use. However, you don’t want your carrier to be so big either instead, choose a carrier that makes your cat to feel safe and cozy while traveling.

Just one of the worst things you could do is making use of the carrier and going to your veterinarian. This can cause your cat to run or even put up a fight as you try to put them inside. You should instill a positive association to your pet with their carrier to avoid this scenario.

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