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Implementation Of Medical Marijuana. For most places in the western world, marijuana has been illegalized for the past century. While the drug has never been proven to kill anyone, it can still harm the human body by contributing to lung disease and cancer. It has also been a profitable cash crop for illegal drug cartels throughout South and Central America, in addition to lining the pockets of criminal elements in the United States. The increase in number of the laws which ease the criminality of buying, selling and using marijuana has been continuously increasing in most countries within the United States. Today, as long as you have some prescriptions from your doctor, you can already legally use marijuana in some parts of America without getting caught by the authority. It may or may not have been the original intention of the lawmakers that approved medical marijuana, but these prescriptions have been ridiculously easy for casual marijuana users to obtain, as well. According to an article from the Huffington Post, called Canada’s Medical Marijuana System Overhaul Starts Tuesday, the nation of Canada has approved a major overhaul of how medical marijuana is produced and obtained throughout the country. I bet, it was a good thing to do.
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There has also been some changes in production and distribution that happened in Canada.
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According to the latest distribution and production system for marijuana in Canada, it has been noted that private and individual producers are the ones who can grow and supply their selves with marijuana, however, it is only limited for two people. In order to prevent the cause of drug kingpin and running drug operation, the lawmakers of Canada sees to it that the people who will supply these marijuana are only limited. It is very advisable to prevent the illegal distribution of marijuana in order to prevent drug kingpin because these kind of situations are already common to the society and to the whole world. New legislation has been passed to overhaul the entire medical marijuana system in Canada, however, and the new regulations will nullify the licenses of these individual growers. It is important to pass the legislation because for sure, the big plantations and farms for medical marijuana will be the source of drug production for those drug kingpins. Canadians will still have to get a prescription from their doctors, but they can then buy the drug from regulated, approved distribution businesses. Initially the drug will be more expensive than it currently sells for, but experts predict that the price will soon drop to almost half of its current price. However, there are also some factors that will greatly affect a country because of the implementation of legal marijuana. It is also questionable of how will this kind of implementation affects the country considering that most Canadians do not even use marijuana.


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