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Advantages of Wheelchair Vans

It is not hard at all to find wheelchair vans in the United States of America. In almost every city and state, you will easily find them for purchase or even for rent.Different from regular vehicles, wheelchair vans are actually very well created to provide not only comfort but also the much-needed safety to the physically challenged.These vehicles are well modified for the accommodation of ramps or lifts, or both. Suiting the needs of the users is the driving force for the additions.This type of transportation for the challenged are available with the vans having raised roofs and lowered floors. This eases transportation to a great extent.

A big enough space for accommodating at least two wheelchairs and also mobile scooters is one of the known features for wheelchair vans. Installing of either front or rear air-conditioning is an added feature that the wheelchair vans have. The wheelchair vans also have regular and important safety features like seat belts, four-point, and five-point tie downs. Total hand controls, power steering and outside entry controls are available in the wheelchair vans so as to ensure maximum convenience and even comfort.

Available are two popular types of vans. The side entry wheelchair vans and the rear entry wheelchair vans makes for the two most popular wheelchair vans. The first category comes in handy for the challenged persons who can still drive.On the other hand, the second type is meant for those who either do not want to drive or cannot drive.

Three types of these vans are available in the market today.These are the spring counterbalanced models, the bi-fold manual ramp models, and the magnetic anti-rattle models.Available also, are ones with electronic or even hydraulic operated ramps. Many people, however, go for manual wheelchair vans. These are preferred due to the fact that they require minimal maintenance.

Choosing from those with removable or hinged footplates is a choice that comes in handy when you are buying a convertible wheelchair van. Steel frames support the floors of the modified vans which are made from fiberglass.Notably, the floor has an anti-slip safety feature.

Actualy, it is possible to make many commercial brands into wheelchair vans. Surprisingly to many, the leading vehicle manufacturers have car models suitable for conversion. The cost of commercial brands that can easily be turned into a convertible sell at around $40,000 on average. These model of vans has not stayed very long in the market.They don’t date back to more than five years. Despite that convertibles are more pricier, you can cheaply buy them from dealers who sell used cars in good conditions.

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