Gastroplasty: An Effective Intervention Used by Andrew Miller MD NJ to Treat Obesity

When it comes to plastic surgery, it is not just about the patient’s appearance or image. Surgeons like andrew miller md nj are also trying to give people a better way of life. Thus, to reduce the mortality rate due to obesity, surgeons perform gastroplasty. Discover this special surgery below.

Obesity is a disease that resembles an abnormally high weight, which can be between 200 and 700 pounds (and even more). Obesity now affects over one billion people worldwide and kills 60,000 people a year. Moreover, its causes are multiple, such as an unbalanced diet, lack of physical exercise or can even be considered genetic. The most serious issue is that obesity affects adults and children alike as well as the elderly. When you are obese, you are forced to bear an abnormally high weight.

Obese people are prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, joint and cardiac problems, and respiratory, liver and kidney diseases. In other words, the body of the obese person is very fragile. Apart from physical problems, obesity also causes relationship problems, complexities that prevent the patient from opening up to the world, and so on. Emotionally, obese folks tend to struggle to have a normal life. This causes him or her to eat even more, which aggravates the disease.

Obese people are looking for all the ways to lose weight by following slimming programs like diets. Yet, these trials are often done in vain, as obesity is not easy to overcome. In addition, dieting without patience makes the body even more vulnerable. To remedy this, gastroplasty aims to reduce the amount of food eaten by the obese person by applying something called a “gastric band”. Gastroplasty then modifies the initial shape of the stomach after the surgeon installs an adjustable ring.

This surgical procedure will transform the stomach by creating a small pouch in the upper part, with a capacity of about 15 cm3, which limits the amount of food ingested. As soon as the small pocket is filled, the person will no longer be hungry. Since it is connected to a housing on the abdomen, the ring can be tightened or loosened. The procedure lasts a few hours and a hospitalization is advised afterward. After the operation, the patient will lose weight because he or she eats a reduced amount of food.


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