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Advantage of Using Electronic Health Records

Any patient information stored virtually can be made part of a patient’s Electronic Health Records. The doctor of the patient is the one who continues to maintain and update the file as the patient continues to go to them for consultations. The record contains sensitive information thus the need to protect it.

Other than providing an easy to use repository of every patient’s medical records, these electronic health records will also benefit health care providers as it will be a tool to streamline their processes. The virtual record contains information about the patient’s past medical history, vital signs, medications, immunizations, doctor’s progress notes and other personal information of the patient.

This technology has brought about a lot of advantages for both patients and medical practitioners. Some of the most common advantages include:

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere

Mobility in retrieving health records is one of the advantages that is offered by EHR to patients and providers. No matter where you are in the world, given that you are connected to the internet, you will be able to pull up your health records. People who are constantly moving will find this very convenient for them.

Clinicians Become More Effective

The sharing of health records to other providers is made easier for clinicians. This is especially helpful when it comes to getting a second opinion or consultation. Because the information is digitally sent out, it becomes faster and easier to set an appointment with another doctor.

The physician who will be doing the consultation will only see the information that you want to disclose. Patients remain to be on top of managing their records, including choosing which information they want to share with their provider.

Ability to Easily Manage Medical Information

Through EHR it is possible for patients to maintain and update all his or her medical information in one place. With everything in the cloud, getting hold of your personal information becomes easier.

A Printout of Medical Details Regardless of Place and Time

The summary of your medical details can be printed in different languages anytime, anywhere, for as long you have access to the internet. This is really handy for people who will be traveling and have a condition that needs to be constantly monitored.

A Health Card

Patients may also choose to avail of a medical card as an optional benefit for them. The card contains information that will be very important during emergency situations. The card can be customized and may include information about allergies, blood type and whether you are an organ donor.

Through electronic records managing your health information becomes easier, faster and better. Part of the guarantee of the providers of this service is the protection of the information of any of their clients.

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